Layer Export by William Ngan

Export all layers as PNG




Random Order by Yemz

The Random Order script places the selected objects in random order in the Layers panel.

Random Opacity by Yemz

Using Random Resize and Random Opacity scripts, you could promptly resize the objects and change thereof transparency in random mode.

Random Swatches Fill by Yemz

The Random Swatches Fill scripts colour the objects into the colours that have been selected from the Swatches panel.


Fleurify by John Wundes

This script will create flowery shapes from basic shapes. Great for creating interesting patterns, logos, and so on

Arc Twister by John Wundes

This script will twist objects selected control handles by the same amounts. After running the script you have an opportunity to choose one of five options for Handle Type, then set the parameters for Handle Lengths and Angles.

Distribute on the Path by Hiroyuki Sato

This script allocates the objects in equal distance from each other along the chosen path. You can allocate different objects which are located in one or a couple of groups.


Make it clear

Merge Overlapped Anchors by Hiroyuki Sato

The script merges nearly overlapped anchor points and reports how many anchor points had been reduced.


This script closes all (or all selected) open paths.

Free Stock Master

script for preparing vector files for microstocks . This script automatically scans a vector file and fixes common mistakes.

Make it better

This script rounds selected corners of Path Items.

A simple script for Animators. This script takes the current fill color from the color palette.

Text Block

This script creates a “Block” of text out of Selected Point Text Items, that is, it re-sizes each frame so they all have the same width.

Time saver

This script draws a tree-like shape at the center of the artboard. The trees are made with various width of lines. So please be careful about setting the Scale Tool when you want to scale them.



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